01. We should have a garage sale so that we can sell some of the [crap] we have down in the basement.
02. The movie was very amateurish looking, with really [crappy] special effects.
03. The articles in that magazine are totally ridiculous. I don't know how anybody can believe that [crap].
04. I can't believe you read such [crap]. You should read this book; it's way better.
05. So much of what you see on television these days is just total [crap]. That's why I don't watch it anymore.
06. This coffee tastes like [crap]. I'm going to ask for my money back.
07. That movie was terrible. I can't believe I just wasted $10 on such [crap]!
08. The only music we had at our Valentine's dance was some [crappy] canned music.
09. He finally found a good job after working almost the entire year in a [crappy] little minimum-wage job.
10. The boss gave us his big lecture today about how we all have to work together, and all that [crap].
11. If you ask me, ESP, communication with spirits, new age religion, and all that stuff is just total [crap].
12. Some of the lakes in this area have become a little polluted from the geese that [crap] in them.
13. I parked my car under a tree and when I came out it was covered with bird [crap].
14. Our neighbor's stupid dog just took a [crap] on our front lawn.
15. I can't believe all the [crap] that they show on television these days.
16. How can anyone like his artwork? I think it's all a pile of [crap].
17. Theodore Sturgeon once claimed that ninety percent of everything is [crap].

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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